Patric and Tricia McGaughey


God brought us to Pathway to help prepare and equip us for what life in the kingdom truly looks like.

The first time we came to Pathway we instantly knew this is where we were supposed to be, the sheer amount of peace as we walked into the building was enough confirmation for us to know that God truly did lead us here. The people here at Pathway have become our family, and the leadership here lead from the heart of the father.
Fast-forward 3 years, Mason who is our youngest son, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two. We went from celebrating Jesus’ birth and Christmas to the next day being told our child has cancer, everything starts to blur and come into focus at the same time! Our lives stopped, but only for a moment, because of the amazing body of Christ our church is! They were right where we needed them to be, being the hands and feet of the Father in every area! We knew God was with us!

You see, for the 2 years, prior to Mason’s diagnosis the Lord orchestrated our steps. We had attended Financial Peace so he could prepare us for this season, one we are still in, so that we wouldn’t be in a financial crisis. He purposely put special people into our lives to constantly surround and guide us with love, His Love!

Pathway is Life-giving, Life-changing and we feel so blessed and thankful to be apart of what God is doing through our church and through our city.

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