Natasha Reitinger


Raised in a home where the church was detested, I was never really interested in attending. Churches were all the same; judgmental, full of hypocrites, and deceitful. I was going nowhere.  I had dropped out of high school, had a daughter at 17, and was in a bad relationship. I had nowhere to turn, and then I got a call from my grandma. God had been speaking with her and she felt like she was being told to ask me to move in. So she asked me if I wanted to come to Longview with her and start something new. I moved December of 2016 and that’s when Pathway Church found me.
Probably three days into my move I had heard God tell me clearly that my word for the year was transformation and to trust him because everything was about to change.  I attended the Presbytery service after a few weekend services and through that, I understood the intimate love of God for the first time. I was being loved on and lifted up and encouraged by my brothers and sisters in Christ, most of which I had never spoken too before. It seemed everywhere I turned someone had a word of encouragement for me.
It has been one year and because of my church family, I’ve gotten my GED, and my driver’s license. I spent months looking for a car but the same hour I tithed 10% for the first time and the offering left my account I was driving my new car home. I finished my Nurse Aid, I started attending Celebrate Recovery and I finished a step study at Celebrate Recovery. I started college, I’ve done great in college, stopped smoking, stopped vaping, and dedicated my daughter Brooklynn. I started serving at Pathway Kids, I’m SOBER, I’ve rekindled relationships with family, put up boundaries with other family, went to Tres Dias, began leading at Celebrate Recovery, and I found a home and family in Pathway church and my Lifegroups. Most importantly, I accepted Jesus as my King, got baptized, and started living my life as His treasure. This is where I come to get filled up with Holy Spirit before I go pour it out throughout the week and the feeling of love and acceptance here is more amazing than anything I’ve ever felt before. Pathway has blessed me time and time again and I couldn’t imagine a better church home for me and Brooklynn!

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