Mike and Andi Mitchell


Andi and I began visiting Pathway in Spring of 2016. We decided by early summer that Pathway was where God wanted us to call home.

At the time we starting coming to Pathway we were going through a very tough season of our lives. Our family business was on rock bottom from low oil prices so that meant that it was a tough financial time for us. But, I also was going through a very hard time physically, emotionally and at times mentally.

Andi and I are celebrating 34 years of marriage this year and not all of our years have been the grandest of years. I might say that being in a tough season of life will force you to go to your spouse or away from your spouse, to God or away from God. To your church family or away from your church family.

We believe that because God led us to Pathway Church and the love, acceptance and grace we experienced here allowed us to run to each other and run to God. Our marriage is stronger than ever. We enjoy each others friendship more than we could imagine possible.

Our love for God and our devotion to Him has deepened as we followed this journey of our lives.

I have been able to quickly connect with the people of Pathway through joining a Dream Team and serving God’s people, with God’s people. Answering the call to lead a men’s life group, (REAL MEN) has also contributed to being used by God and experiencing a feeling of satisfaction.. Pathway truly is a CULTURE OF CONNECTION AND HEALING.
-Mike and Andi Mitchell

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