Meg Rosen


We began coming to Pathway a couple of years after experiencing hurt from a local church. Pathway didn’t expect anything from us, even though we had a child in childcare. This allowed us to get back into church as a family, which I’m grateful for.

After I had Peter, I was immediately hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia. I remember being extremely scared during this time. Julie, who didn’t know me or anything about me at the time, came to visit me in the hospital. This meant a lot. Sure, it was a little awkward (as I’m sure it was for her too), but when she taught a class on healing after that, I was open to going. Healing wasn’t something that I’d previously believed in, but after realizing that it’s what God wants, I began to believe. Later that year, I was removed from all medication that I was on due to pulmonary hypertension which was caused by my pregnancy. While that in itself is a miracle, i’d say the other miracle is that my regular physician is the one who saw no need for the medicine. This was something I had prayed for, as my specialist wouldn’t remove me from them even though they were no longer necessary.

While attending Pathway, I was a full time employee, a mom, a wife, and a full time student. I got to use my future calling with education by serving in Pathway Kids— something I do today and really enjoy. As I begin my first teaching year, I know I am fully supported by the church, the staff, and my lifegroup.

And speaking of lifegroup— we have seen our group grow from just our family to two families, and now we are busting at the seams! There is so much love and support that comes through our lifegroup. We had a family tell us that our lifegroup is doing so well because of us, but I disagree— we are doing well because of each of us. Each person is being used for God’s glory within our group. My lifegroup family is just that, a family. We are a mess, but we are doing life together…it’s what you get. It’s a blessing to see that I have true friends and my kids do, too. (The kids out number the adults, but please don’t tell them. It’ll be mass chaos!!!!)

I love my church for many more reasons than this!

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