Lee Rosen


I can remember the first person I met at a Pathway service. He smiled and was friendly, and I was one in the sea of persons walking in and out during a service. A gentleman I never met shook my hand, asked my name, and he welcomed me to the church. A small encounter for sure, but a friendly one. The next week he called me by name and gave me a hug. It is hard to tell you the warmth that I felt in my heart during that encounter. This is what Church should feel like. Just a moment and he changed me from a cold church experience to see the color, hear the robust sound, get excited in the passion others had. He loved me, just like Jesus would. This is Pathway, and I hope we never lose it.

The services in Pathway were not what I was used to. There was a crazy pastor and loving people and within a few weeks, things in my life were changing. I can tell you the first time I heard Pastor Marty say “The Bible is a mirror to look into, rather than a weapon to strike others with.” (Paraphrased, you hear the word for you, not to tear down others.) Since then the reflection in my mirror was never going to be the same.

I recall the first time I heard that the beginning of the service was not a warm up to the message…oww!! I have lead most of my life as an intellectual person and the feelings and emotions associated with worship had never been experienced to that point. The next service worship was not the same and (and I still love a good message, and cherish a word from God) worship is now my favorite part of our service.

I remember the first time I heard a guest pastor say, “faith is not intellectual certainty, it is relational trust.” It is inspiring the faith filled community that has surrounded our church. The guest pastors, Beth and Clay on worship, and influence from Ravi Zacharias, to Bill Johnson, Dave Ramsey, Jimmy Evans, and Robert Morris… our leadership has a constant striving for excellence in all walks of life without losing its individuality. The guest speakers and church influences associated with Pathway have inspired me to surround myself and my family with inspirational individuals that continue to push us forward.

This brings me to our Lifegroups. Pathway call my wife and I lifegroup leaders, but this is not the case. We host a group of people that walk with God together. (A shout out to my close personal friends in Anchored for Life and Pathway’s Mighty Men!) We pray. We gather. We share testimony. We celebrate. We experience victory in our groups. Everyone of us are leaders. Everyone of us take a look in that mirror every day and listen to the still small voice. We take a step. Then we share, we pray, we gather, and we celebrate. When we attended the lifegroup leader training and filled a pew with our life group, it was not a surprise to me. However, it continues to show me how inspirational the men and women I do life with truly are.

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