Ko Sasaki


Born and raised in Japan not knowing Christ, I came to the US as a graduate student. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was in Austin TX, but my spiritual growth was slow and sometimes stagnant. I felt God was silent, but at the same time, I wanted to “experience” God and to change the status quo. When I asked one of my dear Christian brothers, “How can I know (experience, grasp, feel) God’s love, although I know God’s love is ultimately expressed by sending Jesus to us?” He told me that one of the tangible forms of God’s love is His vast creation. He created so many flowers and trees and foods that everyone can enjoy. This is basically Romans 1:20, but I never thought of it in that way. Shortly after I had an opportunity to visit Kauai Island. When I saw the incredible ocean color at Napali Coast, I rededicated myself to God, praising and thanking Him for such a beautiful creation. I definitely “felt” God’s love in a tangible way. (By the way, we all need spiritually matured friends. God sometimes uses them to teach us what we need to know.) Pathway has been helping me be transformed from a “taker” to a “giver” after my rededication in Hawaii. I believe that when a Christian starts to serve more (i.e., becoming more of a “giver”), his/her spiritual maturity accelerates. It’s like a child who “takes” things, and then matures into an adult who “gives.” Pathway provides us with many serving opportunities. We should never compare our spirituality with someone else, but we should examine the growth in the relationship with God by comparing the current state with our own past. I think I am on the right track being with Pathway.

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