Joey and Holly Luther


My husband and I were looking for a church home when we were pregnant with our 3rd child. We had heard about Pathway through a friend and decided to go. From the moment we walked in the doors we were greeted with warm smiles and sincere handshakes. We definitely felt the presence of God and community among the members. Being new to Pathway and not knowing many people we ended up meeting them quickly. We had complications during my daughter’s birth and that experience showed us how Pathway as a church takes you in as family. The Pastors and staff called and texted daily and several of them even drove 2 hours just to come pray with us. That experience made us grow closer in a relationship with God in having to TRUST completely in Him for health, being away from our other children, and finances. God is so good and I’m happy to say our daughter is healthy and thriving. When we returned we began to get more involved. Something Marty had said in a message one weekend really stuck with me…..he said “you can’t be still and grow!” So I joined the Pathway Kids Dream Team working in the nursery, which made me take a next step when I was asked to be the nursery coordinator. Just doing something so small caused me to grow so much. I now currently serve on the Decor team and Sapphire Ministry team. My husband and I even took the next step in leading a life group because “you can’t do life alone.” I even began to share my story of shame with other women at Pathway and received freedom, healing, love, and acceptance. I went from sitting on the back row not talking to anyone to sitting on the front row, praising and worshiping God whole heartedly. If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I thought I’d ever be doing these things I would have said NO, but that’s the funny thing with trusting and following God’s plans for you. He opens doors to things you never thought you would be capable of having the nerve to do.

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