Jessie Garmon


When I first visited Pathway in the Fall of 2015, I immediately felt welcomed and at home. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for after leaving my previous church in Flower Mound, where I was involved in a Lifegroup and student ministry. I could see a place for me at Pathway, but I had to be honest with myself and admit that my heart just wasn’t in it. While I was transitioning into a new job and being back at home, without my friends and church community, I found myself lost. I battled depression for a few months and questioned if I had made a mistake of moving home. I didn’t understand what the purpose of moving here could possibly be, and my heart was in desperate need of connection.

In January of 2016, I decided to give Pathway another try. I joined an amazing Lifegroup with amazing people that provided me with the wisdom I needed and truly walked life with me despite my struggling soul. While being a part of this Lifegroup, I would go to services and women’s events off and on but was never fully committed. That was until I attended the Women’s Conference that Fall. I had no intention of going and didn’t have the finances, yet God somehow got me there. He’s good like that! As I was introduced to young people my own age, I was quickly welcomed! By the way, it would be these young women who would soon become some of my closest friends! While at this conference, I felt the Lord strongly show me that this is where I needed to be, and that this is where I belonged. He assured me that I had a place, that I would have friends and family and that His purpose was so much greater than what I could momentarily see.

Soon after, I was approached about serving in Switch, Pathway’s Student Ministry. I visited Switch and started walking through the phases of becoming a volunteer that December. Despite finally getting connected, pushing to move forward and find my place came at a cost. December was the hardest month that year, as I have found that the greatest warfare comes right before the greatest breakthrough. In this case, I fell hard. The only difference from the other times I fell hard, was that this time I knew and believed God had a plan. I knew I had to get myself up and move forward. I knew God was aligning me with the right people, at the right time and that I was not alone. I surrendered all my brokenness, embraced grace and pursued Jesus and the plans at Pathway I felt Him leading me towards. As soon as I stepped into the New Year, doors of opportunity to serve started opening, and as I walked through those doors my heart began to heal.

I continued volunteering at Switch and was quickly asked to be a part of the leadership team. I then became a small group leader for high school girls, as I am ridiculously passionate about creating a safe place for them, truly walking life with them while they navigate through this broken world. I adore the sweet girls God has entrusted me with, and love getting to watch them grow, serve, and lead! Switch most definitely has my Heart!! Here, Pastor James and Lindsey connected me to purpose and have played vital roles in my life with their leadership, mentorship, and friendship. This leadership team is the best group of people with the most amazing hearts for God, and they were there for me in one of my hardest seasons loving me with such sweet grace. We truly walk life together, grieving losses and celebrating wins all while our hearts for students unite us for a greater glory. There is honor and respect, love and kindness within this team, and I am amazed at how God has used each one of them in my life in different ways. To serve alongside them is an absolute honor.

With Switch being my main area of serving, throughout the year I continued to grow and take my Next Steps. I started serving as a Greeter and Help Desk Hostess. and I also had the amazing opportunity to connect others to passion and purpose through the Guest Experience Team. This really helped me get out of my comfort zone and ignited a passion to get people connected in our church. It just comes naturally now! Having the opportunity to see and play a part in others taking Next Steps, growing and flourishing in their passions and giftings is what sets my soul on fire.

While my first full year at Pathway seemed to blossom with opportunity as I walked in pursuit of my identity and the callings God had on my life, it wasn’t until last Fall when I took a BIG Next Step. I began to lead a Lifegroup and started to fully embrace my purpose. My heart has always been for our young women and girls, and as God gave me the word “Flourish” for the year, I had no idea it would become a Lifegroup. Through the Lord’s strength and with His faithful vision, I was able to lead with one of my closest friends in a season of unrelenting heartache. But walking life with these amazing, beautiful young women who have a core desire for Godly relationships, being rooted and grounded in truth and their identity as Daughters of the King so that they can Flourish in all areas of life has made me grateful for every bit of the heartache. Because once I got my focus off the things that weren’t happening and the promises not being fulfilled, I was able to see what God was doing right in front of me! These Flourishing beauties!! It is mind-blowing to watch the Glory of God shine forth through the hearts of these flourishing warriors, and sometimes I have to catch my breath to take it all in! The love they have for the Lord, for each other and for the world is inspiring. It’s their time to Arise and Shine and seeing them do this through the ways they faithfully serve, lead and love others fiercely brings unexplainable joy to my heart and stirs my soul to take over the world!

I thank God for Pathway! I thank God for this place of solid leadership, loving hearts, overwhelming grace and freedom, and the encouragement for growth and taking Next Steps. This is the place where I found my friends, my family, my team, my tribe and most of all I found Jesus in all my mess while he passionately pursued my wandering heart. Here at Pathway, I FINALLY learned to put on my crown and walk boldly in my identity as a Daughter of the King being connected to purpose through serving and leading others. My heart is forever grateful for Pathway, and I am beyond excited of what is to come…..because I KNOW it is the BEST YET!

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