Derrick Edwards


I started my journey with Pathway roughly 5 years ago. I knew a few people who were attending at that time and I was in the process of changing jobs where I would be off work on weekends. I believed in God but did not have a relationship with Him. I was a “wreck” in every sense of the word.
Almost immediately, my wife Candace felt that we found a place that feels like home and wanted to explore deeper into the principles and philosophies at Pathway Church. One thing that I knew for sure was that I had never been in a church that felt more like home. First Steps came around and we decided to take our place as owners of the church.
My wife Candace made the decision to serve in Pathway Kids and asked if I wanted to join her in the classroom. Shortly after, God proved that he had a different plan for me and connected me to the Tech Arts team. In the past five years of service with Tech Arts, God has moved things in me that I didn’t know were possible. Emotional wounds were healed, relationships with Godly people were established, and ultimately I have been able to establish a relationship with the Father that I didn’t even know I was able to have. Without Pathway, I’m not entirely sure that I would have been able to gain the good stuff and let go of the bad.
In short, my time at Pathway has seen several seasons. In those seasons, I have learned compassion, love, friendship, service, and giving. I have been able to let go of anger, hate, and frustration. The best in all of this is that God isn’t finished with me.
I can’t sit here and tell you that your experience will be the same as mine, but I can tell you that Pathway Church is a place with a heart for people that are truly eager to serve God and help each individual find their place in God’s kingdom. If you are unsure of your place in the kingdom and want a closer relationship with the Father, Pathway is definitely the place to help you on your journey.

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