Dan and Eve Dropka


I came out of a situation of where, when I was promoted to a North Texas town, I really came to distrust ‘the church’ and the people as a whole. After Eve and I moved back to Longview, we started looking around again. We found a church that God moved in us to start tithing… Tithing wasn’t in the budget, there was NO spare dollars for tithing, but we wanted / needed to start somehow. We started with $50 a month, and over time continued to increase that, and sometimes, that increase ‘wasn’t in the budget’, but we listened to God and always, at the end of the months… we were still OK.
We got to a point in our journey that we needed more from our church. Without any real looking, we were led to Pathway.

Immediately we found the MORE. Within a week or two, a NEXT STEPS class was being offered, and we jumped on it. More? Wow… not to long after that we took a Marriage and a Financial Peace University class.

And our tithing? We didn’t stop, we just moved it with us to Pathway. We also joined Lifegroups, and became part of the Dream Team. We found our MORE, our NEXT STEPS.

Back in December, 2016, I was laid off after 7 years. We didn’t stop tithing. Unemployment, gifts, side job income, Eve’s second job income – we tithed on it all. I had told everyone from the moment I was laid off, that Our God was greater than our circumstance and He IS our Source. I was amazed at how, God always altered my Dave Ramsey Zero Budget where we were always in the hole at the end of the month, but after God got us through each month, at the end, and we were still OK.

Twice, I realized that my tithing was short for some reason. I never wanted to steal from God again, like we had before. Instead of thinking, well, God gave me this extra money, I would research my income vs. tithing to figure out just where I oopsed…and fixed my tithe. Believe me, I’m not saying I’m anything special, but I want to share where mine and Eve’s heart was and is.

Although Pathway told us that, because they know our hearts and we tithe, Pathway would be there when we needed them. It’s just been at the end of nine months of unemployment that we asked for some help. And Pathway has been here for us in more ways than the financial.

The end of this season ended September 5th, when I started my new job.
Our God IS greater! God is My Source, He is Eve’s Source, and He is your Source.
Never say that you can’t afford to tithe, you can’t afford not to.
And I praise God for leading us to Pathway Church and the Family they have become.

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