Bill Graham


Please don’t let this gray hair fool you, I am only 5 years old. You see, our Good Father saved me in March of 2012 and literally changed all my desires in an instant. Literally. What I call my “Pre-Jesus” life was full of sin. No need to spend time discussing the details, and we don’t want to pat the devil on the back for the job he did on me, just know it was not good – at all!!!
After being “touched by God” or as some like to say, Saved, I cried for 3 days. Not a sad cry. Now I can tell the details of my testimony most of the time without crying, but that took a few years. And by the way, Pre-Jesus Bill didn’t ever cry so this was way different for me. Pre-Jesus Bill thought he was having fun, but I now know that the peace and joy that I have is far superior and only available from God. I will gladly share the details of the way God touched me, just ask, but for this writing just know that I was a complete mess and “He made me anew” in an instant. I thank him multiple times a day for this.

In God’s kind and loving way, he placed me in Pathway Church. Since HE had taken the scales from my eyes I was ready and able to learn. It was clear to me immediately that God’s words were coming out of Pastor Marty Strait’s mouth. Pastor Strait is an anointed man with messages from God every weekend that I don’t want to miss.

After “feeding” in the Church for a while, I was asked to get involved. Ushering seemed to fit me well. I love to share God’s light with all that come to worship him. That led to some leadership work, then to Lifegroup leader and then to Lifegroup leader coach. All this service was an honor and a pleasure for me. Being able to expand HIS Kingdom brings peace and joy to my soul. I say a pleasure for me because being involved has helped me expand the depth of my spirituality. It is clear to me that we will never stop growing if we continue to seek HIM first in everything we do.

While I was on this wonderful new path, and much to my surprise, the founder of Christ to the World had been watching me and learning about Pathway Church as well. He later told me that he privately watched me for a year, then prayed for me for about a year and then took me to lunch and asked me to join his Ministry in the development area. He said to pray about it and get back to him. Fortunately, at Pathway I had learned about “praying without ceasing”, so I was able to tell him I was praying while he was talking and I am good to go – all in- can’t wait to start!!!! Christ to the World Ministries now sends Bible stories over radio waves and digitally to a demographic that reaches 5 of the 7 billion people of the World! I would say “unbelievable” but I now know just how big and powerful our God is. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I love to look back and see God’s work in my life. Saved in an instant, plugged into Pathway Church to be fed, serve and grow, then accelerated me into working on the Great Commission in a way that “pre-Jesus” Bill would have never understood! Sorry, but I must say it again, Thank you Lord Jesus!

It is not clear to me if I would have had the confidence to jump in head first with Christ to the World without “being fed” at Pathway Church for about 3 years before I was asked. What is clear is that my spirit is fed every weekend at Pathway in a unique and wonderful way. I leave church every weekend ready to expand his Kingdom. Don’t get me wrong, my problem list will generally exceed everyone I know, but I consider it all joy! Pathway has helped me become bulletproof from this fallen world. Thank you again Lord Jesus and thank you Pathway Church family.

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