Ashley Hardaway


In April 2016, I attended Pathway’s First Steps Class to learn more about the church, but to my surprise I ended up learning more about myself. During the class, we had the opportunity to take a spiritual gifts test, and mine revealed that service was one of my top gifts.

This brought me back to a past decision that I thought was a mistake. In college, I had majored in Hospitality Management but chose not to pursue that career path for various reasons. I had been searching for my passion and God used this simple test to show me that my past choices were aligned with His purpose for me. God had been working in my life even when I was not aware.

Since then, I have been serving with the Hospitality team. I get to help train other volunteers and meet new people. Serving continues to bless my life and challenge me to grow. The First Steps class connected me to my purpose and made Pathway my home!

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