Angie Herndon


If I had to use one word to describe what Pathway means to me, I would use the word “home”. I was searching for a church home, not just a place to worship God. You could say I was homeless. I did go to church but none of the churches I attended ever felt like home. Over the past eighteen years I attended different churches looking for a home, and was somewhat like the prodigal son who left home to search for a different life. I had left my church home of 12 years because of my anger towards God. I had several tragedies that happened to me within a few months of each other and I emotionally couldn’t cope with them. I was angry, bitter and very disillusioned. I loved my church and my Pastor and I had been happy and fulfilled in my life, but life doesn’t always remain so simple and easy. The trials I went through distorted my perception and I left my church because I felt judged for a decision I made. I now understand that this was not true but a lie I believed because I was choosing to live outside of God’s will. The anger I had toward God, separated me from Him and my church. I have been grateful for the churches that I have attended and God has used the Pastors and the people in those churches to teach me and bring healing in many areas of my life. I have met many Godly women who have had an impact in my life. I believe there were things God wanted to work out in me and each person I met had a place and purpose in my life. One of the women that I met in the previous church I attended was Sonia Trotter. I met her on a church retreat and we became friends. She is the one who invited me to Pathway a little over two years ago.

When I first attended Pathway Church, I felt God’s presence in the worship service and I also felt His love in this Church. I could see how the worship team loved God. I saw it on their faces and felt it in my spirit. Pastor Marty’s messages on grace and forgiveness kept me coming back. I needed to know that God was not angry with me for my past. I needed His love and acceptance and I found that through the messages and the prayers of the people at Pathway. I started attending a lifegroup about a year and a half ago, led by Katie Middleton and Megan Bennett. I received acceptance and love from these women and they have been instrumental in helping me grow and heal some of the brokenness in my life. I have also received prayer three separate times over the past two years from different prayer teams and each time God has healed my heart and strengthened me through the men and women that prayed for me. I am very thankful to those called to minister to others in this church and thankful for their obedience to serve in the areas God has called them too. Pathway is a church with loving and caring people who love God. I have found freedom in many areas of my life and now serve on a Dream Team myself. I can truly accept where I am on my journey and the love and acceptance that I have received here has help me to accept myself as God has accepted me. I can truly say that Pathway is my home.

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