Andrew and Lacy Marshall


Before we started attending Pathway, we as a family were looking for “something”. I say something, because we didn’t even know what that was until we found it. We were living a life of stress, bondage, and desire to feel loved and accepted. So we sat down and googled church’s in Longview. Pathway came up and we had heard a few things about it before, so we decided to try it out the following Sunday. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we knew we needed something more out of life. As we listened to Pastor Marty speak, we felt our hearts soften towards God…. so we came back again and again. We had heard our leadership talk about the “process” and taking your “next steps” and when the opportunity came up for a First Steps class we decided to sign up. When we left the class we felt so urged by God to give the “process” our full attention. All we knew is we wanted that SOMETHING that everyone else at Pathway seemed to have and it felt like something God wanted for us. We went from being a family that attended church to being a family that wanted to build the church. The only choice for us was to go all in!! That day we became owners and tithed for the first time in our marriage. We signed up for Dream Teams, and began attending a life group we had been invited to the first day we attended service. All the things in our life that were falling apart started to be sewn back together with the love and support of OUR church and the guidance of our Lord. Daily, we are reminded how loved we are by the friendships we have been given through Pathway. God’s favor seemed to pour into our lives. What was at first scary, tithing became JOYFUL giving. We have seen favor and blessings poured into our life in a way that we could never have imagined. The vision for our family, and the hope for a supernatural peace slowly changed from a desire and prayer to a reality and praise. Most of all, we have found a place where we feel encouraged to step into God’s purpose for our lives. Life is hard, life is messy, and Pathway showed us that these things are true for everyone. However, when we found our HOME in Pathway, we realized that doing it alone is the hardest part of all. We cannot imagine a life where we aren’t singing, praising, and learning Gods word with our Pathway family.

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