Pathway Worship exists to connect people to God by creating an atmosphere where life change can happen. On the Worship Serve Team, you’ll play a part in this vision by using your talents to lead others into God’s Presence.

We believe that worship is the highest calling of every believer. And we believe that we get the opportunity — onstage and off — to worship our awesome God. If you are passionate about worship and have a gift (vocally or instrumentally) that you want to use for Him, we would love for you to serve and grow alongside this Serve Team.

Where do I start?

Anyone that has a passion to serve in Worship is welcome to ask questions, get the answers and participate in a ‘Worship Entry Point.’

Worship Entry Points are facilitated a few times a year and are designed to build, equip and grow this Serve Team. We will meet and discuss the Next Steps of worship individually, and work to craft a path of growth from where you are. Whether that’s vocal workshops, online instruction or other tools we have to offer, we want to help you take your Next Steps.

If Worship is your Next Step, check the calendar for an upcoming Entry Point, and let’s get ready to rock!

Contact us with any questions!