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Pay It Forward

When it came to the lost, Jesus wasn’t passive – he was passionate! This world is full of lost people waiting to be found, and often enough, you’ll encounter someone in need of the Gospels’ good news! When you were saved, you accepted an invitation to receive Christ, and a chance to pay it forward.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost…” – Luke 19:10

Start a Conversation

Statistics have shown that many people would come to church if only they were invited. You’ll get a ‘no’ – maybe more than once, and that’s okay; because it only takes one ‘yes’ to change a life. That ‘yes’ opens the door for your guest to hear the gospel and take their next steps in their walk with Christ.

An Open Invitation

Pathway is a place where a life giving message is preached every week, and we make it easier than ever to invite others to come experience it. Get the conversation started by completing the visitor invitation form on this page. We’ll generate a personalized email from you to your guest inviting them to attend a service at Pathway. Make sure to follow up with those you invite. Call them, offer to sit by them, and maybe even buy them lunch! Do whatever it takes to get them to come to a place where they can meet Jesus and experience life change!

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"(Your Name) has invited you to the next service here at Pathway Church!"

(Your Name) has invited you to the next service here at Pathway Church!

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