Build His Kingdom

We believe that saved people, serve people and every week, our Pathway family puts this value into action as members of a Serve Team.

We believe that by joining a Pathway Serve Team, you will better connect with your purpose both in and outside of our church. We know life can be crazy, and we know that you’re busy. But we also know that you will grow in your walk with Christ and make meaningful connections when you start serving.

Don’t know where to start?

Let’s take the First Step.

Our First Step classes are designed to get you connected with volunteer opportunities that fit your gifts, talents, and personality. We want to help you find your passion and step into your calling on a Serve Team that best fits you.

From the tech booth to the nursery, Serve Team members are an essential part of Pathway’s framework, and we are always growing.

Let’s connect you to your purpose at Pathway and see the difference you can make! Please fill out the form below and a staff member will contact you about your inquiry. We look forward to having you on the team!

man greeting at front door

Guest Experience

From the moment someone steps in the front doors until they leave, the Guest Experience Serve Team makes them feel welcomed. As a member of this Serve Team, your welcoming smile, kind words and guiding direction make every person feel like they belong.

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Guest Experience
woman serving in coffee bar


Every person wants to belong. On the Hospitality Serve Team, you get to prepare a place for guests, and Pathway people, to feel welcome. Often times, the first face you’ll encounter at Pathway is a part of Hospitality (and we have a place for you).

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worker cleaning desk

Pathway Kids

We believe that you are never too young to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus. At Pathway Kids, we are passionate about reaching children at their level, and having fun while doing it! If you’re down for crafts, connection and crazy fun kids, we have a spot for you at Pathway Kids.

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kids chatting at check-in
worship at Pathway


Every one of us, young and old, were created to worship. On the Worship Serve Team, you’ll help usher in God’s Presence where lives can be totally transformed for the Kingdom. If you have a gift, whether vocally or instrumentally, and a heart to serve the Lord — we have a place for you on the Worship Serve Team.

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man running pro presenter

Tech Arts

Do you have an attention to detail, a love for the technical and a willingness to serve? Tech Arts is the place for you. By joining this Serve Team, you will utilize lights, sound, and visuals to create a worship experience.

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Running Pro Presenter in Service
youth chatting around table

Pathway Students

Pathway Students is a place where students can be transformed, discipled and empowered to reach others with the Gospel. Whether showing off your basketball skills, serving pizza or making a student feel welcome: we have a place for you at Pathway Students.

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Special Events

Do you have an eye for what’s happening behind the scenes? Do you like food? Lifting heavy objects? Administrative tasks? Decorating? Baptism? We have a place for you on the Special Events Serve Team!

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