Become A Leader

At Pathway, we believe that there is leadership in each person. Better yet— we believe that God wants to use that leadership to expand His Kingdom and its influence.

The First Person You Get to Lead, is You

Leadership isn’t just a position, it’s a posture (and it starts in your own life). How we live in the day-to-day can be more impactful to those around us than any direct leadership over them. We are constantly leading others, but the question we have to answer is: where?

A Great Responsibility

Let’s face it, “leader” is a pretty great title, but it’s an even greater responsibility.  We have the opportunity to lead how God leads — putting our focus on helping others, not just ourselves. Leadership is influence, and God has created everyone to influence His people for His sake.

Whether at your workplace, inside a Serve Team, or with your friends— you have influence. And it doesn’t matter where you’re at in life, you have the opportunity to lead (even if you’re not in charge).

Where will you lead today?